Bianca Pretorius

Professional Singer

Bianca has a true love for music writing and singing.  Through her music and success she strives to inspire upcoming artists not to give up and to follow their dream.  Her first CD is truly unique and an inspiration to all.



Bianca Pretorius was born in Pretoria on the 14th of May 1990.  She is the eldest of 4 kids. Bianca grew up in Vereeniging and Vanderbijlpark. Bianca currently lives in Vanderbijlpark with her family.

Bianca realized at a very early age that she had a passion for music.  In her young childhood she never lived out her talent due to bullying that got her down.

In Bianca’s teenage life, she took a step out of the dark and had her first appearance on Superstars.  She did not qualify among the top 10 but, that did not stop her.

Bianca matriculated in 2009.  After her school career, she wholeheartedly started working on her music career.

Hard work will pay off one day.


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